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Publishing Bridge / New on NHB!
Last post by Ren - Mar 23, 2021, 10:50 AM

Newly refreshed and released on Neil Hartley Books:


Run - The future 'aint what it used to be.

Interactive Stories Glade / Re: Scifi/Fantasy - Apocolypto...
Last post by Ren - Mar 09, 2021, 05:15 PM
Excellent.  Thanks Poi! 
Publishing Bridge / Re: The Lord of All - New Rele...
Last post by Poison - Mar 04, 2021, 07:28 PM
Smashing, I'll check it out.
Interactive Stories Glade / Re: Scifi/Fantasy - Apocolypto...
Last post by Poison - Mar 04, 2021, 07:27 PM
This confused me.  The latest chapter seems to be first! 

I found it anyway.  Maybe it's my settings.

Good to see someone's managing to write anyway.  I'm still stuck in the mud with mine.

However, suggestions.  This is harder than it seems.

I'm going to say it's a pen maybe.  A small pen.  Oh! Or a knife!  That would suit the princess.

I'll come back if I think of any more.
Interactive Stories Glade / Scifi/Fantasy - Apocolypto - T...
Last post by Ren - Mar 02, 2021, 07:25 PM

Dave's survival instinct kicked in as two of the golden garbed man's entourage leaped forward, pulled long swords smoothly out of scabbards as they did so.  In turn he drew the pistol he'd inherited out and shot the closest one in the chest.

The shot rang around the hall, and the unfortunate warrior was blown backwards by the force of the impact, to come to rest spread eagled on the immaculately tiled floor.

However, these people were no cowards.  Even though the second fighter saw his companion go down under what could have been some kind of magic for all he knew, he carried on with his attack. 

Dave brought the pistol around and fired again, but the warrior was a quick learner, jinking to one side, and the shot missed.  His sword was already sweeping down as Dave frantically aimed again, but even as he did, he knew it was too late.

The sword clanged against metal a hair's breath from his exposed neck. 


The young princess was now standing next to him.  Her sword had intercepted the guard's attack, and she now batted it off to one side. 

Dave hesitated, and the attacking warrior did the same, not, it seemed, because of his gun, but because of the princess.  Having seen her fight, Dave could understand the man's trepidation.

"What is the meaning of this impertinence?"  The leader, standing with arms folded, apparently unconcerned by his gun's ability, demanded.

"Father," the princess said, sheathing her sword and stepping forward.  "I need to speak with you."

The man, the king it seemed, looked at her and then at Dave, and then back at her.  "Very well.  Clear the room."

Instantly the surrounding men and women scattered, and in moments Dave found himself alone in a giant hall with royalty.  He lowered his gun.

"Stay," hissed the princess, and strode towards her father, who waited for her with an odd expression on his face.   Dave couldn't decide if it was pride or anger. 

The young girl bowed her head briefly, perfunctorily,  as she stood in front of the man, and then proceeded to speak to him in urgent tones that were too low for Dave to hear.

The man listened to her for a minute, frowning and glancing at Dave from time to time.  Eventually the princess stopped speaking and took a step back.  She dropped her head, suddenly humble.

"It seems that today is a momentous day," the man said.  "Your coming has been foretold."

"Right," Dave said, unsure of what else to say.

"You are the messenger then?" 

Sighing, Dave took a half a step forward, but then stopped as the princess glared at him.  He stopped again and cleared his throat.

"Your Kingness," he started.

"He is the Emperor!" hissed princess Xy.

Oh dear, thought Dave, not a good start.  He tried again.  "Emperor.  Please accept my apologies for any offence given, I intended none.  I am a traveller from... far far away and am unfamiliar with your customs."

"So much I can see from your battle wand, and your clothes," the Emperor said.  "Proceed."

"You are correct, I am on a mission."  Dave hadn't realised he was until this very second, but it kind of made sense.  He went on.  "However, I am new to this er, quest.  I have taken up the mantle from the one who fell before me.  I have been... guided here by..."  He paused, unsure of whether or not to carry on, but then shrugged.  In for a penny.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his little robot friend and held it up for the others to see.  "This, er, little man, has guided me here.  Frankly, I am unsure as to what to do next, but I... feel that you know something of this."  He realised he really did feel this.  No doubt this was part of the data downloaded into his brain when he'd first picked up the robot.

"You see father!" the princess said. "He has a piece."

"It seems you are correct daughter," said the emperor.  Suddenly his shoulders slumped slightly, and for the first time, Dave saw the man underneath the ruler.  The father even.

"You know what this means," princess Xy said.  She seemed excited.

Shaking his head, her father gripped her shoulder.  "I do, I fear far more than you.  I..."  he paused, and Dave saw that he was actually holding back tears.  "I feared this would happen.  Ever since your birth I have had premonitions that you would be the one." He shook his head.  "Yet the Great Eye does not care what a humble man cares.  Destiny is written on the great fabric of Life, and yours has been woven in golden thread."

Princess Xy suddenly seemed to grasp what the man was saying.  Dave wished he understood.  He watched as she bowed deeply.  "Father.  You have trained me well.  I am second in the Arts only to you.  I can, I will carry out this mission.  If I can return to you after, should I live, I will."

"I know it daughter," the emperor said.  He took a deep breath. "Go.  Go and collect it.  See me before you leave if you are able."

Bowing more deeply, the princess stepped backwards until she reached Dave.  "Come," she said to him, turning and walking away.

Giving a brief bow to the emperor himself, Dave followed.



Xy's heart was beating fast as she led the messenger, the Dave as he'd called himself, through the palace towards her quarters. 

Selvia joined her shortly after she left the hall, falling in behind her and just behind the Messenger, her hand on her sword.  Her guard's presence seemed to make the Dave slightly jumpy.

When she started climbing the stairs to her quarters the Dave followed for several steps, until Selvia shouted and leaped in front of him. Hand on the hilt of her sword.

The Dave looked at her in confusion. 

"These are my quarters," Xy explained to the strange man.  "No man is allowed here."  She looked at Selvia.  "Usually," she added.  "In this case Selvia, you may accompany us."

"But..."  Her guard captain was torn between standing orders and her Princess's wishes.

"I'm okay," the Dave said.  "I can wait here."

"No," Xy said.  "You will come."  She turned and carried on.  After a few moments the other two followed.

The walk to her chamber seemed to take a long time.  It dawned on her that this could be the last time she ever came this way.  Shaking her head, she shook off the sentimentality.  This was what she had really been trained for!  Not being in the guard.  Unlike her father, she had always know, somehow, that this would be the case.

Arriving at her chamber, she nodded to Selvia, allowing the Dave to follow her into an area that would, normally, result in his painful and prolonged torture, starting with having his eyes removed for gazing upon her inner sanctum.  Pretty much everything else would also, eventually, be removed before he was finally allowed to die.

Not caring that the other two could see, she opened the secret panel in the base of her bed, taking out the purple velvet and unrolling it.  The shiny metallic object glistened, and she took a deep breath. Never before had she been allowed to actually touch it. 

Now though.  Now was the time.  She picked it up.


OMFG!  Look at me writing stuff!  Lordy lordy! 

Still, not exactly an original SP!  We've had a small robot, a round sphere (that turned into a ring), what is this one? 

Something shiny it says, but don't let that limit your ideas

thank you for your patience waiting for this one.

Publishing Bridge / The Lord of All - New Release!
Last post by Ren - Feb 18, 2021, 07:09 PM
I have finally finished one off that I've been working on for quite some time.

Introducing...  The Lord of All

Now available from my book site.  Just click on the pic below...

Interactive Stories Glade / Re: Fantasy - Modern Diaries. ...
Last post by Ren - Feb 18, 2021, 07:06 PM
lol, I've done something similar myself, more than once!
Interactive Stories Glade / Re: Fantasy - Modern Diaries. ...
Last post by Poison - Feb 17, 2021, 06:08 PM
Right, this is going to sound like an excuse, but I started working on the next bit of this from the wrong document!  It wasn't complete, and it's been so long I'd forgotten about the actual last bit.

So, another delay.  Plus I need to either find the right document or copy and past from here! 

Bloody hell.
Announcement Mound / Opus Upgraded
Last post by Wanderer - Feb 10, 2021, 05:49 PM
Dear Opusians!

Just to let you know, if you've not dropped by recently, that I've upgraded the Opus Path board software, which  has fixed a few of the bugs and made things, hopefully, a bit nicer.

So drop on by and check it out!  And maybe post?  ;D

Introduction Hummock / Re: Issues and problem reporti...
Last post by Wanderer - Feb 09, 2021, 06:31 PM
Right.  I've managed to add the login button.  The sign out one, I'll work on that.  But why would you possibly want to sign out of OP?  ???
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