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Announcement Mound / Changing Host. May be some do...
Last post by Wanderer - Apr 21, 2022, 04:32 PM
Hello!  I'm changing the host (where OP lives) so there may be some downtime over the next few days.

Obviously if this is down you won't see this message, but hey ho. 
The Traditional Trail / Re: The Erotic Misadventures o...
Last post by Ren - Mar 26, 2022, 02:03 PM
I vividly remember the first day I met Nuba, at The School of course.  I was about seventeen at the time.  Up until that day I had lived like a drone almost.  Well, I can say that looking back at it.  I didn't realise whilst I was actually living like that of course, as The School was pretty much the only environment I could remember. 
Let me tell you a bit about The School.  It's full name is something like: Sisters of Chaste Mercy Private School for Privileged Young Ladies of Decorum and Refinement.  That's why everyone just calls it 'The School'.  It sits on a desert planet named Scarab's World, for no reason anyone had ever explained, and the only structures on the whole planet are The School ones.  The rest of the place, literally everything else, is pretty much lifeless desert.  The only water of any note is an ancient ocean, deep underground, under The School. 
It was run by a sisterhood of robots, who advertised the school for a place that the very, very, very rich could send their girls (or adjusted boys, or neuters on occasion) to grow up well educated and extremely ignorant of certain matters - mostly regarding sex.  In fact, their main selling point was to keep the 'ladies' pure.  That way they are more desirable when they come of age, to marry off for strategic advantage.  It's a cruel galaxy.
I had been sent there when I was about ten, and since then had only ever seen my family through holo letters.  As you may have surmised, my family was massively wealthy.  We owned at least three planets and a dozen moons that I knew of.  I had three older brothers.  I was the only girl.
The day of meeting Nuba then, started like any other.  I woke up in my small but well furnished room (the sisterhood called them cells, from some ancient religious meaning I think), and slipped out of bed. 
Immediately my synth servant activated.  I made toilet, and allowed it to wipe me down afterwards.  The fact that this was normal to me may tell you something about my life.  A pampered prisoner really.
Then I walked into the shower, and allowed the synth to wash me.  Like I said, normal. 
When the thing washed my hoo-ha though, I felt a small tingle, which it immediately registered. 
"You will report to medical today for a supplement tablet," the synth said.  I nodded.  This was fairly normal, we were given one about once a month.
The servant dried and dressed me, and then handed me my pad.  There was a chime, and the door slid open. 
As usual, I stepped out and joined the other girls on the way to breakfast.  Whilst some chatted quietly, I had no special friends that lived near me, so I walked alone, sliding into my regular seat on table fifty for the meal.  Table fifty was a small table, with only two seats.  The other one had been empty for about a month, as the previous occupant had left for some reason.
That day was different thought.  Sitting across from me, with skin as dark as space, was a new face.  She was about the same age as me, but taller and thinner.  She wore the school uniform of course, which was a white blouse, dark navy blazer and skirt. 
"Hey there," she said, as soon as I sat.
"Er, hello," I responded.  I had always been a little shy and formal, so this casual greeting took me by surprise.
"I'm Nuba, what do they call you?" my new friend carried on.
"I'm Alice," I said.  "We shouldn't talk before the food gets here really, they don't like it."  I glanced at the head table where the robot called Mother Superior was sitting.  Of course, the sisters, as they called themselves, didn't eat, but they liked to oversee us at mealtimes.
"Oh poo, don't mind them, the old rust buckets," Nuba said, making a dismissive gesture.
I gasped at such irreverence to our teachers.
"Hey, you're cute, you know that?" the new girl went on, although she did say this in a much lower tone, a whisper almost.  At the same time she covered my hand with hers.  I couldn't help but notice her nails were painted even.  Scandalous!
I went bright red.  I had been called pretty before, but never in such a fashion, and such wanton contact! 
I pulled my hand away, and started to open my mouth to chastise her, but then the words of my etiquette teacher came to me: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."
I didn't want to say nothing though, that would have been rude, and I had been taught manners.  Oh, how I had been taught manners!  Endlessly taught them!
"I'm very glad to meet you," I simply said. 
"Oh!  Ho ho!" she smiled, not at all perturbed by my short response.  "How long have you been here Alice?"
"Seven years now, thank you for asking," I replied.
"That explains it," she said, nodding to herself.  "Well, I've been transferred here from another school for my final year.  They may have taught you many things my pretty, but I'm going to make it my mission to teach you how to have fun.  And I'm going to have fun with you doing it."  She giggled, and only then was hushed by a passing sister.
My head was spinning.  Who was this girl?  What did she mean?
It was only after we had finished breakfast that Nuba spoke, in a whisper, again.  "Do they give you any pills here?" she asked.
I nodded.  "Sometimes we have supplement tablets," I replied, also quietly.  "I have one today."
"Don't take it!" Nuba hissed as we stood up, ready to go to class.  "Pretend, but don't!"
Then the chime went for lessons, and we both walked off, but my head was spinning at the encounter.   What did she mean?  What was wrong with the supplements?
Shaking, I went to class on the first day of the rest of my life.


I finished my porridge, and put the bowl in the cleaner.  Then I looked around and wondered what to do.  Well, I know what I wanted to do!  However, it was too risky to get intimate with Nuba whilst Adail was fully awake. 
Even so, I found myself wandering off to Nuba's cabin.  When I got there, the door was open.  I peered in, to find her lying on her bed, reading something.
"Come in swee... Alice," she said, patting the bed next to her.  I blushed as a memory came back to me, of her patting a bed in a similar way.  It seemed a long time ago now.
So I sauntered in, trying to remain casual and calm, but, yes, I did sit, then lie on the bed next to her, peering at her pad to see what she was reading.
"Oh dear," I said, after a few moments.  I sat up again. 
"I... can't be near you like that."  The close contact with her body, even just lying there, had started me breathing harder.  "Oh dear.  I need to... take a shower!"
I heard Nuba's amused laugh as I ran from her cabin towards my own. 
I tore my jumpsuit off and hurled myself into my shower, which would mask my actions at least.  Turning the spray on, I pushed myself into the corner and rubbed at my pussy, quickly arousing myself. 
As I sank down to the floor though, a shadow appeared outside the translucent door of the cubical.  I gave a little shout of alarm as it slid open, but it was just Nuba.
"Don't do that!" I said, my hand remaining where it was.  "I thought you were Adail!"
"I just wanted to watch," she replied, leaning against the wall.
"Oh, you bitch!" I replied, but even as I spoke, I was rubbing myself again.
With her watching I was even more turned on, and it was barely thirty seconds later that I was squirming under the jets of water, making little whimpering noises as a brought myself to a juddering climax.
"I'd forgotten how horny you are without any suppressants," Nuba simply commented, as I relaxed, breathing hard.  "Come on, you'd better get dressed before Adail wonders what's going on."  She turned the shower off and helped me up, careful not to touch me too much.  She knew that would set me off again.
Still, she watched me, mischievously grinning all the while, as I towelled myself off, teasing her by rubbing my hands up and down my body and boobs.
"I've ruined you," she said, but was smiling anyway.  "Stop it, or I'll have to take a shower myself."
I burst into laughter, and threw my towel at her.
The Traditional Trail / Re: The Erotic Misadventures o...
Last post by Ren - Mar 26, 2022, 02:01 PM

People sometimes ask me when my story really started.  Many think it's when I was taken, but I  think it was earlier than that, back when I finally left Scarab's world, and The School.  I even have a specific point in time that I believe it really began...


I was standing naked in front of the mirror in my cabin, finally free of The School's constant oversight – well, most of it at least – trying to give myself an honest evaluation. 
I was cute, I had to admit that.  Even in a school full of attractive girls, everyone had said I was the pretty one.
About eighteen and a half galactic years old, I wasn't very tall, standing only about one and a half metres.  On the other hand, I was nicely proportioned.  I jumped up and down a bit, and my boobs jiggled, which made me giggle for some reason.  They were big enough to catch people's eye, but not too big.  Maybe the fact that I was generally slim and petite made them stand out more. I know Nuba liked them. That thought made me giggle again.
My hair was still dark brown, the colour the The School had demanded I keep it.  Time that changed.  I frowned and concentrated, and it turned blue. 
"No, not blue," I said.  I tried again.  Pink.  "Yes, better!"  I shook my locks, which came down to my shoulders.  "I should grow my hair longer I think, and get some earrings.  I can do those later.  Now.  Eyes.  Mmm.  Yellow?"  I thought about it, and my eyes changed colour.
"Ug, I don't think so!"  Yellow eyes made me look sick.  "Blue, let's get back to basics."  After a moment I was looking at my reflection through bright blue eyes.  "Much better.  I think Nuba will like them."
That done, I was about to turn away and put some clothes on, when there was a knock at the door. 
"You awake babe?" 
It was Nuba.  Think of the devil.
"I'm not dressed," I called back.
"Perfect."  The door slid open and she strode in, grinning widely.
She was dressed in a simple tan jumpsuit, undone at the top.  Her hair, cropped short as she liked it, seemed to be an even more shocking white than normal under the ship's lighting. As usual it contrasted starkly against her skin, which was as black as the night.
"Oh, I'm just in time it seems," she said, taking in my naked form.  She swept forward and pulled my arms around her waist as she drew me in for a kiss.
I melted against her.  She was taller, slim, athletic with an almost muscular frame, and much stronger than me, unless I Boosted of course.  But I didn't even think of resisting as she pulled my naked form close and snogged me hard.
"Wait," I pulled away, gasping for breath. "What about Adail?"
Nuba grinned, her white teeth matching her hair.  "I hacked into the ship's system and put her in self-diagnostic mode," she giggled.  "She'll be out for at least half an hour."
"Nuba!" I said. "You're so naughty!"
"Isn't that what you like about me?"  She pulled me in again for another kiss, and this time her hands roamed my exposed flesh, making me moan. 
"Ohhh, babe," I said, as our lips parted again. 
"What do you want?" she whispered to me, stroking my newly pink hair.
"I want to be naughty too!"
"I think we can arrange that," she grinned, her hands roaming down to my pert, tight, ass.  Then with no warning other than a wide smile, she pushed me back, throwing me onto my bunk.  I squealed as she dived down between my legs, and busied herself on my hoo-ha.
I couldn't believe that I had been missing out on this all those years down on the planet, before I'd met her!  I squealed and moaned, and even cried as she used her tongue on me, working me into a frenzy. 
"Fuuuucckkk!" I screamed as she explored my mound.  I was sensitive down there, despite the time we'd spent together at The School.  It still didn't take much at all to get me going.
Indeed, it didn't take long.  I screamed as my body tensed, and a massive orgasm swept through me.  I clenched my thighs so hard that I nearly Boosted, which forced Nuba to pull out before I crushed her skull.
"Shit!  Dangerous work getting you off," she said, panting hard. 
I slumped back, sweating.  "Sorry Nuba, it's just..."
"I know, it's okay."  She slid herself up my body, making me moan again, and kissed me gently.  "You should get dressed, Adail will be coming out of her diagnostic soon enough.  I can't fool her internal clock and put her out longer, because she's linked to the ship's AI, she'd notice the discrepancy.  You'd better be up and ready."
"I suppose," I said, allowing Nuba to pull me up off the bunk.
"I like the hair by the way," she said, as she pulled herself close again.  One hand cupped my breast, then tweaked my nipple.
"No! Don't!" I said, "I'll get started again." 
In way of response, Nuba kissed both my tits, and then skipped back.  "Later," she said, and danced out of the door.
"Bitch," I said, but I was smiling.


I gave myself a quick wash in the cabin's basin, and slipped into a jumpsuit of my own, not even bothering to put any underwear on.  My decorum teacher at The School would have had a fit, and no doubt would have spanked me hard.  It wouldn't have been the first spanking I'd been given, and the just the thought of it made me a little juicy.  It had been a little while since we'd left now, and I'd not taken any suppressants, wanting to be at my horniest for my remaining time with Nuba.
I shook my head.  The School was behind me now.  Of course, what was ahead of me was also a little frightening.  Once we arrived at Terminal, in the centre of the galaxy, I'd switch to one of my family's spaceships and head to my homeworld and my parents and brothers, neither of which I'd seen for a decade.  I'd also have to leave Nuba there, at least until she found a way for us to be together again, which she assured me, would be the case.  I smiled.  Nuba had been the only bright spot in my life for... well, for ever I guess. 
"Come on Alice, how bad could it get?" I asked myself.
Of course I'm older and wiser now, otherwise I'd have realised that was a stupid thing to say! 
Blissfully ignorant of what was to come, I slipped out into the hallway and made my way along to the mess hall, as the dining area was called on the ship.  It wasn't a big ship, as they go, but it was pretty fast.  The onboard AI, along with Adail of course, looked after the running of the thing.  I suppose I could have flown it, even back then.  We'd all taken basic space flight training in The School of course, but I'd not really had any practical experience.  'Besides,' I thought. 'Who flies spaceships manually?'
I arrived at the communal area to see Nuba sitting at the single, large table in the middle of the room, finishing up some kind of soup. 
"Hey Alice," she said, waving her spoon at me.  I noticed she was careful to call me by my name, so I guess Adail had woken up from her forced hibernation.
"Nuba," I nodded back, all formality.
"There you are girl."  Adail walked into the room.  She was wearing a ship jumpsuit too, although I was never sure why a level three synth bothered with clothes.  She didn't have anything to cover up underneath, and surely she didn't have issues with modesty.
"Adail," I replied.  "May I have some breakfast please?"
"I shall fetch you some now.  Sanitise your hands and take a seat."
"Understood," I said.  Adail was a The School synth, sent to accompany us on our journey, and so still followed all the protocols we had lived with for years, and were now leaving behind, much to my relief.
I sat opposite Nuba, who grinned at me.  Moments later Adail put a bowl of porridge in front of me, along with a bowl of mixed berries, some honey and a spoon.  A cup of tea arrived moments later.
"Thank you," I replied primly.  Adail nodded and left to do, well, whatever synths do. 
I mixed the berries into the porridge and poured some honey on, whilst Nuba sat and looked on. 
"What?" I asked.
"Nothing."  She shrugged her shoulders, picked her bowl up and walked over to the cleaning area.
"How long until we get to Terminal?" I asked, taking a mouthful of breakfast.
"About a month more I think."  Nuba looked up.  "Ship, how long until we reach Terminal?"
"Destination will be in approximately five weeks, two days, three hours, four minutes and ten seconds, depending upon space currents."
"There you go," she said.
I swallowed a mouthful of porridge and smiled to myself.  I knew what Nuba was thinking.  I was thinking it too.  My pussy itched as I looked at her, and I started to breathe harder. 
Oh my universe!  I think I had become a nymphomaniac!
The Traditional Trail / The Erotic Misadventures of Bl...
Last post by Ren - Mar 26, 2022, 02:00 PM

My upcoming new one.  Will be available on my website soon.
Interactive Stories Glade / Re: Druids of Azure
Last post by Ren - Jan 23, 2022, 09:49 AM
Well, at least you're keeping busy! 

My sister is a makeup artist too.  She's done a lot of stuff, including Hollywood.  Now she mostly works on BBC stuff.

And in another coincidence, one of my current ongoing works is called:  The Blood of OZ  - a story set in Oz, although a darker and more twisted version, as is my wont.  ;D
Interactive Stories Glade / Re: Druids of Azure
Last post by Scribe_siren - Jan 22, 2022, 07:40 AM
Thank you C'ren.
I have been busy with 3D as always.
I got a call yesterday being told my work and details being sent to those who needs it. So I hope that meant I got the job.
My head is fried to trying write books. I also running as a professional make up artist for concerts. Been a make up artist (13 years this Nov 29)
Also a 3d artist since 2005. But with 10 years exp (2012).
The concert as it is called: Wizard of Oz (panto)
Wrote a script myself and went to the backdoor heaven after my laptop saw its end from overheating. Thinking of trying again. It's fixed now though.
Interactive Stories Glade / Re: Druids of Azure
Last post by Ren - Dec 28, 2021, 08:48 PM
I hear you SS! 
Interactive Stories Glade / Re: Druids of Azure
Last post by Scribe_siren - Dec 22, 2021, 09:01 PM
Hey there guys. virus free..... but world wide internet failure! not excuse to me not writing. but life happens. So a very merry Christmas!! and a New year!
Announcement Mound / Happy Festive Season from Opus...
Last post by Wanderer - Dec 16, 2021, 09:17 PM
I thought I would just wish all* Opus Path members a Merry Xmas and a Happy New year.

I hope you're all Virus free!

And, if you are still writing, to pop over to the Opus Path and write a little something eh?

The Wanderer (admin)

*All may be pushing it a bit.
Interactive Stories Glade / Re: Druids of Azure
Last post by Scribe_siren - Dec 15, 2021, 10:14 AM
Thank you. lol.

I'm working on my first vlogging Youtube video. And also running a giveaway of model worth 20 + hours worth of work about $150-+ (R1200 -+ (ZAR)).
If you wish to be a part of this next time you may join DIYE! on Discord. message me if interested in joining and having some detail on printing if you are thinking of it.
Also comp running since 10th Dec up until 24th Dec. One with most xmas commented trees win. 

Also started editing adverts for a client-- so happy she likes my work. So this gonna be ready by Jan--- Work is getting better.

Next chapter will be up tonight.
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