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Interactive Stories Glade / Re: Scifi/Fantasy - The Other ...
Last post by Ren - Oct 17, 2020, 10:43 am
Haha, yes, thanks Poi.  I know, not the most inspiring SP.  I kind of ran out of steam a bit myself.

Thanks for reading though. 8)
Interactive Stories Glade / Re: Scifi/Fantasy - The Other ...
Last post by Poison - Oct 14, 2020, 06:07 pm
LOL.  Well gosh, that was action packed. 

Um.  Not sure next though. Didn't he have a dagger?  Maybe he could pull that out and they could struggle?

Or perhaps she's interrupted by something, maybe Az fighting Jelly still?  Um, I'm out...
Idle Thoughts Island / Re: Tired of Death on Webnovel...
Last post by Poison - Oct 14, 2020, 06:05 pm
I shall check it out.
Interactive Stories Glade / Scifi/Fantasy - The Other One ...
Last post by Ren - Oct 13, 2020, 06:58 pm
Mike nodded and brought his gun to bear.  He loosed of a stream of shots at Azerus's enemy, standing there with shells pinging around him. 

"That's not going to work you bloody moron,"  Azerus shouted, ducking under a swing that would have decapitated him.  "It's a demonic weapon, and he's a..."  he grunted, dodging another attack.  "... fucking demon.  Get the one that summoned him, go inside!"

"Right."  Mike stopped firing and ran back towards the main entrance to the school.  As he did so, the bodies of the schoolgirls he'd gunned down shimmered and vanished.  "Oh! Illusions!  That's what he meant.  Well, thank fuck for that," he muttered. 

As he approached the main doors, which were peppered with very real bullet holes, he slowed down again, bringing his gun back up he swept the area in the style of cops on TV everywhere. 

"Clear," he whispered to himself, moving into the lobby.

The room was dark and empty.  He took another step forward, the sound echoing off the walls. Nothing.

Swivelling left and right he tried to remember which was he'd gone when he'd visited last time.  Left maybe.  No, right, he remembered the large double doors that way.

Sliding along the wall, he moved as quietly as he could up the dark corridor, clutching his gun tightly.  Mike had always been a self proclaimed coward.  He never watched horror movies because of scenes just like the one he now found himself in.  Still, he thought, at least he had a bloody great big gun to defend himself.

He moved on, meeting no opposition, seeing no one, hearing nothing. 

It was bloody unnerving. 

Eventually he reached a junction he thought he recognised.  This was where his initial guide had stopped and mentioned something about the works going on in the main classroom area.  She had waved up ahead whilst saying this, and then they'd turned left. 

Mike turned left, down a long passageway.  A single light flickered ahead of him, creating a sole spot of illumination. 

There was a noise.  He stopped and swung his gun around wildly, trying to locate the source.

"Welcome back to The Holy Mother Synthia's Puritanical Boarding School for Young Girls, (aged eight to sixteen) Mr. Strobowsky, if that is your name."

Emerging from the dark beyond the illumination like some kind of land shark, was the head nun.  Mike couldn't remember what she was called. 

"Hi," he said, weakly.  "I'm here for the girl.  Cooperate and no one needs get hurt."

"Oh Mr. Strobowsky, we here at The Holy Mother Synthia's Puritanical Boarding School for Young Girls, (aged eight to sixteen) like hurt.  Pain and suffering is part of our religion, which, if your story was true, you would know."

She took another step forward, and Mike saw she was carrying her whip.

"So, if you just drop that ludicrous gun, I promise to keep you alive for a relatively short time, as a favour."

"How is that a favour?" Mike said, sweating and retreating a step.

"Because otherwise, I shall keep you alive for a long time.  Oh, did I mention that you will be in excruciating pain?  How forgetful of me.  If it's any consolation, your - eventual - death will be of great educational value to the students.  I plan on showing them some of the more radical, methods.  Methods that are extreme, even for us.   You should be honoured really."

"That's far enough!" Mike shouted, as she glided forward another step.  "I mean it!  I'll take you down with this easy!"  He waved his gun.

"Well then.  Shall we even the odds?"

The shadows on either side of the Mother Superior seemed to expand, and suddenly Mike was facing half a dozen battle nuns, all wielding sharp implements.

There was a short moment as the two sides eyed each other, and then the nuns charged. 

Mike opened fire, concentrating on the lead nun, who was a giantess of a thing, truly more horrific than anything he'd seen on Lord of the Rings.

The bullets hit home, stitching holes of red up her front.  She screamed in anger and kept going, only stopping when Mike aimed higher and blew her head off like a ripe tomato.

She was only the first though, and he had to back-pedal, firing madly all the while, as the others kept coming.  One went down, then another, as he switched to firing at their legs, which meant they had to crawl, slowing their progress.  Even so, it was a close thing, and he was back at the junction before the last of them fell to the floor.  Panting hard, Mike made sure she was down for good before he stopped firing.

Through the smoke from his weapon he could see the bodies scattered on the floor, some groaning and twitching slightly. 

But where was...

There was a snap, and something wrapped itself around the barrel of his gun and pulled sharply, yanking it from his grasp. 

Spinning around, he found himself face to face with Mother Superior, who had obviously done a flanking manoeuvre whilst he was distracted.

With a flip of the whip his weapon was sent clattering off into the dark. 

"Now, that's more like it," she said.  There was another crack, and a sharp pain across his face as she flipped the whip again. 

"Ahh!" Mike screamed. 

"Do you think that hurt?" Mother Superior asked.  Another twitch and another crack, another streak of blood along Mike's chest.  "This is nothing.  Nothing at all.  When you're strapped up in front of my girls, being slowly castrated, you'll look back at this pain and long for it.  You'll think how delightful it was, compared to what you'll be enduring then." 

Mike, trying to judge when the next attack would come, tried leaping to one side, but the bitch was simply too good.  The whip lashed out again, wrapping itself painfully around his ankle and bringing him down to the floor with a thud.

"Now, whatever your name is.  You're mine."


Right, now what?

Idle Thoughts Island / Tired of Death on Webnovel!
Last post by Ren - Oct 04, 2020, 11:22 am
Tired of Death is now contracted to Webnovel!  It is currently (well, on and off) being featured.

All support (in the daily form of votes with Power Stones) welcome and appreciated!


 8)  ;D
Interactive Stories Glade / Re: Scifi/Fantasy - Apocolypto...
Last post by Ren - Sep 18, 2020, 05:18 pm
Ooh, nice one.  Thanks Poi!  I could certainly work with that.  8)
Interactive Stories Glade / Re: Scifi/Fantasy - Apocolypto...
Last post by Poison - Sep 17, 2020, 10:34 am
Short is better than nothing, which is about the amount I've done lately.

Well, how about the next universe being totally opposite to this one.  A very peaceful society, horrified by weapons.  However, also really, really, really bureaucratic!  Cross to the other side of the city sir?  Forms 41b and 12delta, in triplicate please.  And is that an unlicensed tattoo I see?

Interactive Stories Glade / Scifi/Fantasy - Apocolypto = B...
Last post by Ren - Sep 16, 2020, 07:54 pm

A lifetime at war had made Max cautious, even when there was apparently no need for it, and now this caution paid off.

He'd woken up early, and slipped outside to check the area and relieve himself, both of which he'd done.  However,  his return, which had been a stealthy one, had been interrupted.  He'd ducked down behind some rubble as a group of enemy soldiers had marched up.  They had been led by a large man in a captain's uniform, and Max had had to rub his eyes.  There had been something... wrong about the leader.  He looked somehow, well, blurred was about the only way to describe it.

Sighing to himself, he'd watched as the soldiers, four men and two women, the captain included, had walked confidently up to the the entrance to their hiding place.  It seemed as if they knew where they were, which made Max frown.  Maybe they thought their own men were still there, but then these appeared to be from a different unit altogether, from their uniforms and insignia. 

One woman was left on guard outside, whilst the rest went on it, leaving Max with a dilemma.  Should he wait, or try and rescue his new friend?  The so called magician was the only one who knew what his ring did, or was, and having tried to remove it, unsuccessfully, Max didn't want to lose that source of information. 

On the other hand he wanted to remain living too.

"Bugger it," he decided, after a minute of consideration.  Pulling his knife from its sheath, he circled around the building as quietly as he could, until he came around the other side, which was closer to the sentry.

The woman on duty was young, as in fact most soldiers were.  At nearly thirty, Max was a rare old man in his unit.  Few troops survived to live to such a ripe old age.  In any case, young meant impatience, which he was certain would work in his favour here. 

Sure enough, the guard started fidgeting within a few minutes.  Then she began pacing up and down, which gave him the opportunity that he'd been waiting for.

As she paced away from him he moved swiftly.  Coming up behind her, he clamped one hand over her mouth and used the other to cut her throat with the knife.

It wasn't the instant death some thought It was, but he was ready, having done this before.  She struggled for some seconds, but he held her tight, and slowly she subsided. 

Laying her down quietly, he shook his head.  She was a young, attractive, woman.  "What a waste," he muttered to himself as he peered in the doorway.  There were no other guards, so he slipped quietly inside and made his way over to the bottom of the stairs.

Peering through the gap, he could hear talking.  One voice was Salzar.

"They can't see who you really are can they?"  he was saying.

"Keep them talking," Max whispered, treading carefully on the first stair, and unslinging his captured machine gun. 

"Where is it?" he heard another voice answer, as he crept slowly forward.  "We know it is nearby.  You must have it."

Max made it another step before his luck ran out.

"Stop!"  cried a voice from the top of the stairs. 

Thanking the Universe for sending him an idiot, Max didn't waste time replying, but simply opened fire.  A brief burst of sound, and the man fell back.

Max did the same, in a more controlled fashion, making it to the corner of the stairs before answering fire smashed into the floor where he'd been standing.  He put the gun around the corner and fired back blindly, emptying the magazine.

There was more shouting from upstairs, and more shots back, but then there was another sound, one that he'd heard only once before. 

There were screams and brief blasts of explosion. 

The firing stopped, but the shouting didn't, nor did the explosions.

Replacing the empty magazine with a full one, Max peered carefully around the corner and upwards.  Blue lightning flashed across his vision, followed by dull retorts.  It seemed his friend was using his magic again.

Throwing caution to the wind, he dashed upstairs, to see Salzar extend a long finger at... something.   It was dressed in a captain's uniform, but it certainly wasn't of this world.  A bald, skull-like, white head, with jaws filled with monstrous teeth snapped forward at the mage, who threw up his other hand in reply.  Another flash, and the captain thing was pushed back. 

It snarled again, and moved forward to attack in return, swinging with a hand that was more claw-like than anything. 

Max didn't wait any longer.  He opened up with his machine gun again, blasting the thing from behind. 

Whatever it was, it wasn't invulnerable to good old fashioned lead.  It shrieked as the projectiles impacted it, stitching a line of gore up its back. 

That, and another blast of blue lighting from Salzar was enough.  With a final shriek of rage, the creature succumbed, falling onto the charred corpse of one of his men.

"Thank you," Salzar said.  He lowered his hands and bent over, gasping for breath.  "I thought I was done for for a minute there."

"What the hell is that thing?" Max replied, stepping forward and grimacing at the creature.  It was bubbling, melting, where it lay.  "It's dissolving!" he added.

"So it seems."  The mage nodded.

"So what is it then?"  Repeated Max.

"I'm not sure, but it's not from around here, that's for sure."  The wizard knelt down and, to Max's disgust, stuck a finger into the thing's face, pulling out a digit covered in slimy goo. 

"By the Universe!" Max exclaimed, as the other man sniffed at the residue.

"It had wards, magical wards," Salzar said, wiping the gunk off on the thing's uniform.  "It had an illusion that made it look like one of your species," he added.  "Which, all by itself, says it has other-verse origins."

"When I saw them come in it looked, kind of, blurred to me," Max nodded, checking the other enemy fallen to make sure they were dead.  Old instincts die hard.

"That will be the ring you wear," Salzar said.  "It has certain benefits.  They'll probably get stronger the longer you're together."  He looked up.  "Are you ready?  This thing was looking for the segment.  We should move on quickly."

"Move on, as in..."

"Yes, move to the next universe."

"Wow."  Max looked around.  "Let me salvage a few things first," he said.  "A few more magazines wouldn't go amiss.  And rations."

"Good idea," Salzar replied. 

They set about scavenging.


Okay, short and sweet, but at least it's something!  So, better SP this time, I hope.

What is the next universe like?  Well, wherever they land. 

All suggestions, big and small welcome!

Interactive Stories Glade / Re: Fantasy - The Ragnarok Chr...
Last post by Wanderer - Sep 06, 2020, 08:11 pm
Hey Mr.Biz.  If you give me a square graphic for this (or your other) story I'll put it on the OP Instagram site.
Interactive Stories Glade / Re: ANIMATION BE A PART OF THE...
Last post by Ren - Sep 06, 2020, 07:42 pm
Yes, look forward to seeing the result after you've shedded the load.  :o
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