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Title: Welcome to the Track
Post by: Wanderer on Nov 06, 2019, 01:33 PM
Hello, I see you're peering down the Traditional Track.

This area is for 'traditional' stories, by which I mean novels like any book.  These writings can be short stories, or a full on series of books.   

Feel free to post any genre here.  Perhaps, until I get a special field sorted for this, you could prefix your first post story title with this. EG: Fantasy - (story name).

I recommend that each 'chapter' post be about 2000 words long.  Also split your paragraphs up with blank lines, as it makes it easier to read on the screen.

Readers, please leave constructive comments, and try and be supportive.  It's not easy to put your work on show for some people. 

Thank you for participating!  Any (on topic) questions can be posted in this thread.

All writings remain the property of the authors.