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Title: Diary of an Alien Slave.
Post by: Ren on Sep 16, 2021, 09:01 PM
This is something I've been writing recently.  I'll warn you now, it's extremely adult, with extreme content.

Title: Reborn an Alien Sex Slave. WTF???
Post by: Ren on Sep 16, 2021, 09:08 PM
*** Author's Note  and Warning ***

This is, believe it or not, a love story.  I know, I had no idea when I started it.  I wish someone would tell me these things in advance.  I never knew I did romance stuff.  Amazing what you find out.

However, it's also a sci-fi story and, maybe more importantly, a lust story,and as such has many adult, bad things in it.

We're talking: swearing, violence, sex, torture, brutality, sex, adult themes, dark thoughts, sex, dark actions and, did I mention sex?  What kind you ask?  Well, anything I can stuff in.  Straight sex, anal, oral, gay, BDSM, NC, violent, watersports and, well, the list goes on. I think you get the idea.

Anyway, if you're squeamish , or 'get offended' in any of these areas, I'd fuck right off now if I were you.

You've been told.

I woke up.
Yes, not really a great start. I mean, everyone wakes up right? It's pretty much a daily thing. For most beings.
However, not everyone is the dictator of four hundred and seven galaxies. I know, it's an odd number, but it's a number and a number is just a number, so fuck off.  I realise that Gurgo the Great ruled five hundred and fifteen galaxies, but that was back when galaxies were a lot closer together. Anyway, how many galaxies do you rule eh? Yeah, like I thought, probably not even one.
However, I'm kind of skipping ahead. Actually, I'm going back to before my story starts. Confused? Keep reading and maybe you'll catch up.
So. This is a story about how I woke up in an entirely different body.  I know, nothing unusual right? A night on the town, a trip to a body-tech, it's something we've all done. But not me. I mean, I'm the fucking ruler of four hundred and seven galaxies. I don't just wander drunk into any body shop.
Still, I woke up. Me, someone who's basically been male for about twenty seven thousand years. And I was a young girl.
I don't think I'm foreshadowing much when I say this is going to get pretty graphic.


I mean, when you wake up you just know something's off right? The clue for me was that I wasn't lying in my sologram airbed surrounded by various slaves.
Yeah, not something that's hard to miss really, but I'm not my best first thing.
Of course, you know the feel of your body too, even when you get a new one. And this one sure as hell wasn't the same chiseled abs male that I went to sleep as.
I remember sitting up and swearing, quite a lot. I was cold. I was in a, basically, empty room with white floors, walls and ceiling. There didn't seem to be any door. Not my bedroom back in the grand palace then.
Then I looked down. My body was small and young, that much was obvious. It was wearing some kind of tiny bikini thing, which barely covered any flesh. Not that I had much going on down there. Oh, and I was female.
Yeah, again I hear you say, 'so what?'. I get it. We've all changed sex from time to time, even those of us who are direhard same-sexers, but I'm 99% male. Call me old fashioned. Well, I am old fashioned. I've lived longer than some species.
"What the fuck!?" I think was my first response. Oh shit me. I hated my voice right off the bat. It was a little girl's voice. A weak little girl's voice. As ruler of millions of worlds, one thing you don't want to be seen as is weak, and this body was weak, with a weak voice.
"Shit." I recognised the species as well. I can't remember their official name, but everyone just calls them 'Elves'. They were incredibly rare, some because they had a long life cycle, low reproductive rate and tended to die easily, but mainly because they were prized in countless galaxies as the ultimate in sexual usage. A young Elf lass that I now appeared to be was probably worth about as much as a medium sized planet, they were that sought after. I only owned three of them myself even!
"Oh fuck me," I remember saying. Bad choice of words as it turned out.


I was just about to start shouting when one wall vanished.  It didn't reveal much, just more of the same room for the most part, but standing behind some kind of lectern was a large, blue humanoid.  He, I assumed it was he, was dressed in a loose purple robe with some kind of logo on the chest.
Facially he looked mostly generic humanoid.  Round yellow eyes, nose of sorts, and a large mouth.  Small tufts of greenish hair stuck up on his head like weeds.
"You," I said, in my weedy girl voice.  "Explain this."  I stood up and marched over to him in as threatening manner as I could, which wasn't much.
"My name is Xarx," he replied, in a deep voice.  "You have been judged and sentenced."
"Do you know who I am?" I said, stamping my foot which, in hindsight, didn't really give off the impression I wanted.  "I'm..."
"I know who you are," he interrupted.  "Like I said, you've been sentenced and judged."
"By you?"
"No."  He leaned forward and looked me up and down slowly, licking his lips.  "By, well, can't pronounce the name of the race in their tongue, but we just call them the Karmas."
"Who are they?  Never heard of them."  I crossed my arms, uncomfortable with his stare. 
"They're a species of supreme beings.  And they've judged you and found you wanting.  This is the start of their sentence."  He paused.  "I think you're going to have to suck my cock."
"What??"  I screamed.  That stupid girly voice again.  "How dare you?"  I backed away as Xarx stepped out from behind the podium and lifted his robe, to reveal a large (blue) male member, which he massaged as he walked forward.
"You... you can't do this!  I'm just a young lass!" I screamed.  "I'm too young!"  There was no way I'd be able to fight him off in this body.  He must have been five times my mass, easily.
"You're not young at all," he snarled, showing crooked yellowing teeth.  "You're tens of thousands of years old.  Now, suck on this 'little girl'."  He waved his now erect phallus in my direction.
"You stick that in me I'll bite it off!" I said, reaching a wall.  I could back away no further.
"Two things," he said, still approaching.  His large cock was now far too close to me for my liking.  "Firstly, my species regenerates, so if you do, it will grow back and we'll have another go.  Secondly, if you bite, I'll pull out all of your teeth, one by one."
He looked at me.  "So, what's it going to be?"
I was never that stupid.  As much as I didn't like this, there was no way I was going to win this. 
I opened my mouth.
"That's a good girl," he said.  "Don't worry, you'll get used to this."
I didn't like the sound of that, but I was distracted as he pushed himself into my facial hole, which could barely accommodate him.
I stood there as he moved about, making noises, until he smacked me around the head.  "Put some work in!" he demanded.
Reluctantly, I did so. Moving my mouth and tongue to work on him.  At least this way he might finish faster.
Whatever I did worked.  He was soon panting like a Hoozer lizard and then, seconds later, my mouth was full of foul tasting gunk.
"Ahhhh!" he said, pulling himself out of me and wiping his dick on my long silver hair.  "That was every bit as good as they say.  You're going to be really popular."
"I want to talk to your boss," I said, after a minute of gagging and spitting.  "One of these Karma people."
"There's only one of them here, overseeing this facility," Xarx replied, back behind his lectern.
"Then I want to see him.  At once."
"The boss is a woman," he replied.  He leaned forward and grinned an evil grin at me before speaking again...

"Because Karma's a bitch."
Title: Diary of an Alien Slave - A New Home.
Post by: Ren on Oct 31, 2021, 06:02 PM
"I want to see her then," I said, sulking like the little girl's body that I was in.
"You'll see her if she wants it to happen." He did something on his lectern and a large door appeared in the wall behind him "Now, time to see your new home."
I toyed with the idea of resisting him, but I quickly realised that would be foolish. Deciding to bide my time, I followed him through the door, which led into a very different environment.
It was some kind of huge building I was in, so much was obvious. There were no windows I could see, just a hallway about as wide as a road. The walls though, were lined with metal bars. 'How quaint,' I thought. They still use physicals.
The bars ran from floor to the next level up, which was a walkway, with more bars and then up to the next level and the next and the next and the next... it went up as far as I could see!
"Fuck," I said.
"Yeah, that's a word you're going to get used to," Xarx sniggered. He pushed me forward, and we walked along the hallway. It didn't take long for the first shout.
"Hey pretty! I'm going to have you in all your holes!" was the first one I heard. The rest soon followed, and basically followed similar lines. The figures in the cells behind the bars were just shapes in the shadows, but I could make out enough that they were a variety of species.
"Yeah, real popular you're gonna be," chortled Xarx. "You're going to service every one of these fuckers."
My little girl legs nearly gave way at that, knowing the species this body was, but then I slapped myself mentally. If I was such a prize, there would be no way they would give me to the types in these cells. No, I'd be reserved for special clients. Of course, whilst that may mean less quantity, I was sure the 'quality' of abuse would make up for it. The richer the being, the more twisted the games they play. Trust me on this, I'm the richest person in a billion worlds.
Sure enough, Xarx didn't stop in the main wing, but took me through to another one. Smaller, with doors. Here there was no shouting, which I found slightly worse in some ways.
Finally he stopped at one of the doors, which slid open as we approached. Violently, he showed me in and, without another word, left. The door slid shut.
I found myself in a plain white room. There was a single, simple bed, some toilet facilities and a basic cupboard. A food dispenser of some kind was set into the wall.
As if to remind me of my predicament, someone had scrawled on the wall:
Standing up, lying down, on your front, on your back. Which ever way – You're fucked.


I looked around at the depressing environment and considered my next steps. Somehow, I was going to get out of this, and then I was going to come back with a fucking massive army and work my way, personally, through the population until all that was left were small chunks of flesh and bone.
However, that was the future. I didn't know enough now, so first order of business was information gathering, which meant biding my time. Which probably meant my poor girl body would be subjected to all sorts of unpleasantness.
I sniffed. Well, they'd have to be imaginative if they thought I'd break easily. I'd overseen the – essentially – rape and pillaging of thousands of planets back when I'd personally led my conquests. If it was possible to do something to a living being, then I'd likely have done it.
Shocked I'm not all goody goody? Like I give a fuck.
I looked around for more clothes, the tiny bit of cloth that I was clad on covered pretty much nothing at all. However, the only other material was a thin sheet on the bed. I thought about wrapping it round me, but then decided against it.
Obviously they were trying to break me. The violence, the sexual threats and actions, the humiliation of putting me in this body, it all pointed to mental abuse. Well, I was on to them. No doubt they thought that strutting around mostly naked would shame me. Ha! What a bunch of amateurs! I once forced an entire city to bow before me whilst I stood in front of them naked with a hard on. Just for laughs.
Yeah, when you get as old as I am you do more and more twisted stuff. You do it just because you're bored, and you've not done it before.
So, no doubt they wanted me to wrap myself in the sheet so they could come in and rip if off me. They were shit out of luck there.
Seeing nothing better to do, I climbed on top of the bed, tried to get comfortable, and fell asleep.


I was woken by noises, screams and general shouts. There was no way to tell how long I'd been asleep, but I had the feeling it hadn't been very long. Still, nothing else to do, so I padded over to the door and tried to peer out of the narrow window that was set in the middle of it.
There was a flap covering the other side, but it had been left half open, and I could see out onto the main hall area. There was a table there that I didn't remember seeing before.
I watched on, and the noises grew louder. Soon I saw three humanoids, I couldn't tell if they were creatures, constructs, androids or solograms because they were clad all in black, with black helmets that had a full faceplate covering whatever was below.
The three, for want of a better word, guards, were dragging a thin form between them. It was a youth, maybe thirteen standard years old, although I wasn't great at guessing ages.
"You are making a mistake!" the kid was screaming and sobbing. "Do you know who I am? I'll have your families killed for this." Which I thought was a pretty weak threat personally. I'd have gone for their home planets at least.
The kid was only wearing rags, and the lower half of these were ripped off him as the group reached the table.
"Noooo!" he screamed, as he was bent over.
The guards were obviously not androids, because one by one they whipped out large male member from their crotch area and proceeded to brutally rape the lad up the arse.
There was a lot of screaming, needless to say.
I shook my head.
"Come on," I said to myself. "Have some courage. Grow a pair of balls for fuck's sake." Only then, as one guard finished and they moved around so the second one could have a go, did I see that, in fact, his balls had been removed. Quite recently by the looks of it, as there was still blood around the area.
As the rape continued, I shrugged and went back to bed. This was obviously put on for my benefit, to intimidate. I mean, the table being there, just at the right position for me to see out of my little window. Yeah, not a coincidence.
I wasn't dealing with pros here. Things would go my way soon enough. Just may take a bit of time.
To the continued sounds of screaming and buggery, I fell asleep once again.

Beauty sleep is important, even for displaced dictators in kidnapped bodies, after all.
Title: Diary of an Alien Slave. - Full book now available.
Post by: Ren on Dec 01, 2021, 12:48 PM
This full, depraved, story is now available on my website: