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Started by Ren, Nov 05, 2019, 03:46 pm

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Honestly, I consider myself to be failry tech-savvy, what with my pretty bloody comprehensive IT background, although possibly a bit out of date these days.

Even so.

One of my latest projects:  Audio books.  Specifically making one.

I now have a nice little USB microphone, like all the pop stars use (well), and I've managed to find a decent sound editing bit of software, and now I just want to make a video* comprising of about 5 minutes or me reading, but only showing a single picture all the while.

And can I find an app to do it????  Can I frack!!!    >:(

Well, I can, but they all only play for about 5 seconds per image, and as I only want to show one image....

There was one I found,  a website actually, that seemed to work, until I pressed save, and then it wanted money, which is not something I wish to do for this.

So, anyone any ideas?  My laptop is Android, in case that makes a difference.

*The video is not going to be part of the full 'audiobook' experience, but for various reasons I wish to do this as an interim milestone.


OKay. Found an app.  (PowerDirector if you are interested).


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